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Dear ladies! We offer you a new professional Italian collection of hair and scalp care La Fabelo!!! Which is suitable for both beauty salons and for the individual user, who cares about his health and beauty.
Products La Fabelo have delicate, pleasant texture and aromas, are designed to take care for your hair just as efficient procedure. Italian professional hair cosmetics La Fabelo, will make your hair beautiful and full of life energy.
And now more…

Shampoo Whatever the nature of your hair, shampoos La Fabelo will take care of your hair, because they include extracts of bamboo, seaweed, papaya, rosemary, wheat placenta, Shea butter and keratin. They nourish, protect your hair and restore its structure, and your hair will become more beautiful every day. La Fabelo Shampoo strengthens hair roots and makes your hair thick, shiny and manageable. It’s suitable for frequent use.

Balsam Balsam La Fabelo with bamboo extract is rich in amino acids, proteins, antioxidants, and has a positive effect on the scalp and hair. Nutrient and restoring Balsam deeply moisturizes and restores hair's structure, reduces breakage and provides brilliant shiny hair color for color-treated hair. A wheat plant placenta as a part of the Balsam makes hair soft and easy to comb. Being rich in proteins and vitamins, Balsam La Fabelo gently cares and moisturizes hair.

Mask Mask for colored and damaged hair La Fabelo has high nutritional and regenerating properties, is effective at the hair cuticle and strengthens the hair, makes it elastic, shiny and gives volume, makes combing and styling easy, protects against the harmful effects of hot air from dryer. Hair Mask La Fabelo will return your hair natural strength and shine.

Hair Dye La Fabelo SHARM ELE - an innovative cream hair dye, based on the new improved formula with high technological properties, which include blueberry extract, with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, and bamboo extract, that improves hydration and cell regeneration. Due to a unique combination of ingredients, spectacular, rich color of treated hair will remain for long time. The bilberry extract keeps the intensity of pigments, provides stability of shade, luxurious shine and protects hair color from washout.

Surprise others with natural beauty of your hair!