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There are no bounds for female variability. Having decided to become a goldilocks today, tomorrow she becomes glowing brown-haired woman. Creating an ideal image and individual style, where beautiful hair is one of the key priorities, is a scrupulous rewarding women’s work on themselves. It is necessary to use qualitative hair dye to get a perfect color, natural healthy shiny and strong hair. This is a guarantee of lasting color and health of your locks. And we will help you do that!
La Fabelo SHARM ELE - an innovative cream hair dye, based on the new improved formula with high technological properties, which include blueberry extract, with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, and bamboo extract, that improves hydration and cell regeneration. La Fabelo Bruno New technology, aimed at protecting human health, allows proper nutrition for hair restoration, keeping their main components: moisture, proteins and lipids. At the same time, the hair remains strong, bright and easy to comb. Reliable and high-quality coloring covers 100% of gray hair. The formula guarantees the stability of the hair color, reduces the effect of hair fading and maintains brilliant color longer than usual. The soft dye enriched with revolutionary new material, includes a vitamin complex and useful plant extracts. They help to retain moisture in the hair, protect them from UV radiation, but also visibly benefit the scalp. The effect of proteins, vitamins and bamboo core lipids reduce the damage to the hair during the coloring and after helps to restore the keratin layer of the hair.

La Fabelo Biondo Scuro
Bamboo extract has a strong positive effect on the hair:
- Moisturizes and nourishes the skin;
- Restores the structure of connective tissue;
- Smoothes hair scales;
- Normalizes pH of the skin;
- Gives your hair shine and beautiful shade.

Blueberry extract is a rich in antioxidants, which help to overcome the split ends and hair discoloration, keeping them young:
- contains useful micronutrients;
- protects and nourishes your hair.

Due to a unique combination of ingredients, spectacular, rich color of dyed hair will remain for long time. The blueberry extract keeps the intensity of pigments, provides stability of shade, luxurious shine and protects hair color from washout.

La Fabelo Oro Ramato Color Palette La Fabelo SHARM ELE is presented in the most popular colors:

Deep black, the color of chocolate, different shades of chestnut brown are as close as possible to the natural colors. Chestnut brown shades are suitable, as a rule, for every skin hue, from dark brown to fair skinned and give it natural warm shade. To make women looking more mysterious and mystical helps the palette of black shades: blue-black, chestnut mahogany and raven colors.
Assortment of light brown shades includes hues from walnut color to ashy blond as well as soft shade of caramel and romantic sand color. This option would give your hair a natural shine. Ashy shades will suit green-eyed girls, and for brown-eyed - golden brown curls. For owners of cold types are suitable colors from dark blond to black, and for the warm types of looking - from medium-brown to La Fabelo Biondo rich chocolate brown and deep brown colors.
Not less important are the classic shades of copper color. These colors make the girls look more lively, bright and attractive. The green or brown-eyed girls with a slightly tanned skin are looking very beautiful with shades of red hair color. Once you have dyed your hair in red color, be sure to use special shampoos, masks, conditioners for colored hair.
The branch is represented with a large number of blond shades, which makes it essential for those who like fair hair. These colors are most suited for extremely coloring experiments. We offer for blonde girls glowing shades of platinum, cold ashy or crystal blond colors. A tender girl with a thin light skin, blue, gray, green eyes will suit shades of light brown and blond colors. The owners of dark skin, dark eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes are recommended to use dark shades, making their natural beautiful features more expressive. But sometimes a sharp contrast between the dark eyes and colored blond hair makes looking amazing.

A lot in choosing the right color depends on the individual preferences of women. After all, woman’s hair color reflects her character. But whatever color you choose, the result will be one- healthy shining hair and 100% of gray coverage.

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