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Hair Balsam La Fabelo!

Balsam for dry and colored hair

Balsam for dry and colored hair

The active ingredients: extract of bamboo, plant-wheat placenta. Bamboo extract is rich in amino acids proteins, antioxidants and positively affects the scalp and hair. Nutrient and restoring balsam deeply moisturizes and restores hair's structure, reduces breakage and provides brilliant shiny hair color for color-treated hair. Plant-wheat placenta, makes hair soft, easy to comb. Being rich in proteins and vitamins, it cares and moisturizes hair. Active ingredients gently protect the hair from color fading.

Use: apply to clean, towel-dried damp hair, leave on for few minutes and rinse thoroughly!
Avoid contact with eyes. If the product gets into your eyes rinse immediately! Keep away from children!

Soft and silky hair - it's so easy!