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  • Health and Beauty

    Do you dream of healthy, beautiful hair? Do you want to give them back gloss and volume, moisturize and nourish them? Then, the Italian professional hair cosmetics La Fabelo is what you need.
    Each product is created and selected among many plant extracts and other active elements with high quality. Maximum efficiency and use only of natural raw materials, the introduction of exotic plant extracts, oils and essences in harmony with the most modern developments and discoveries in the world of chemical formulas – that’s the success of hair cosmetics La Fabelo.
  • Products

    The new collection of products for hair care La Fabelo contains as a part of its products such useful and rich in amino acids, proteins and antioxidants substances like bamboo extract, seaweed, papaya, rosemary, wheat placenta, Shea butter and keratin. Whole production of La Fabelo collection moisturizes, smoothes the hair, preventing its damage.
    La Fabelo collection includes: moisturizing shampoo for dry and colored hair, dandruff shampoo, anti-loss shampoo, reconstructing shampoo with keratin, conditioner for dry and colored hair, as well as a mask for dry hair with bamboo extract and wheat placenta.
  • Benefits

    Hair products La Fabelo, are able to maintain colored hair in perfect condition and protect them against the harmful effects of the environment. Hair mask from this line will add shine, remove static electricity and provide complete care for your hair. Shampoo thickens hair without burdening them, creating and maintaining volume for a long time. Hair products La Fabelo have a pleasant aroma, making hair care a pleasant procedure.
    Hair care with La Fabelo is an effective and a good way to maintain the natural beauty of your hair.

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